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1998 BA Qiqihar Normal University;
2004 MA The College of the Humanities, Jilin University;
2008 PhD The College of the Humanities, Jilin University
·History of Chinese Literature Criticism
·Chinese Classics Aesthetics
·China’s Artistic History Theory
·History of Chinese Literature Criticism
·Classics Original Intensive Reading (Zi Series)
·Chinese Classics Aesthetics
·Monographic Study on Chinese Aesthetics and Art
·Introductive Reading of Intellectual History Documents in China’s Pre-Qin Period and the Han Dynasty
·Introductory Reading of Well-known Articles of Chinese Culture and Literary Theory
·Monographic Study on Chinese Classical Art
Vice-president of Zhou Yi Association of Jilin Province (吉林省周易学会)

1. Co-author. General Theory of Aesthetics of the Zhou Yi (The Book of Changes) (《周易经传美学通论》). SDX Joint Publishing Company, 2011.

2. Zong Baihua’s Aesthetics and Modern Neo-Confucius (《宗白华美学与现代新儒学》).People's Publishing House, 2018.

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6. “The Research on Dong Qichang’s Two Poems (《董其昌< 送侯六真侍御按黔二首>考》)”. Chinese Calligraphy, Vol. 7, 2020.