I Outcome

Cultivating senior professionals in history with solid foundation of historical knowledge and theory as well as the ability to collect and analyze historical documents, the ability to solve historical and realistic problems with historical thinking and the strong ability in verbal and written communication skills and in management and decision-making. After graduation, students can continue to pursue studies in related discipline, or connect with practical work of secretaries, filing, editing, teaching, researching, propaganda, management, consulting, planning and the alike at state organs, culture and education enterprises, news publishing house, institution of cultural heritage management and museology and public institutions and organizations. Through five years of practices in related field, students can primarily gain abilities and quality in aspects of document utilization, comprehensive writing, analysis and planning, organizational management and others, so that to be competent in the work of teaching and scientific research, secretary, filing, editing, publication, propaganda, planning and organizational planning, etc.as expected.

II Training Requirements

Students are mainly required to have a good grasp of knowledge in general history of China, history of world, historical theory,the history of China's politics, economy, culture, ideology and society and the history of world's politics, economy, culture, ideology and society.

Graduates should gain knowledge and abilities in following aspects:

(1) Having a good command of knowledge in general education, discipline basis, professional basis and academic directions. From an international perspective of view to know well of the development frontier of history discipline and to be able to explain historical phenomenon with learned knowledge.

(2) Applying basic principles and methods of history to issues of history with judgement, analysis and study, to facilitate final solutions through putting forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions.

(3) Properly utilizing modern information technology and analysis tools to collect, analyze and process data in the field of history so as to complete the involving professional tasks.

(4) Initiating effective communication on the phenomenon and issues specialized in the major of history with peers and the public with both written and oral communication skills.

(5) Being conscious of team coordination, playing a personal role in the disciplinary and multidisciplinary activities and being able to cooperate with other team members.

(6) Developing the awareness of self-directed learning and life-long learning, and having innovation and entrepreneurship as well as the ability to continuously learn and adapt to the development.

(7) Possessing humanistic quality, scientific spirit and social responsibility, knowing well of related laws, regulations and policies and understand and abide by, at the same time, the professional ethics and norm in practicing activities.

(8) Being a good master of foreign languages to be capable of reading professional documents of foreign language and proficient in computer and other modern technology means.

III Main Discipline and Core Courses

Main discipline: History

Core courses: ancient Chinese history, modern Chinese history, contemporary Chinese history, Chinese history of historiography, local history of northeast China, ancient history of the world, medieval history of the world, history of the modern world, history of the contemporary world, Western history of historiography, and the history of international relations, etc.

Practical teaching plans: practice teaching (six weeks); academic year thesis (four weeks); graduation internship (six weeks);graduation thesis (ten weeks).

Main experiments: cataloguing and studying the historical archived materials as well as conducting practices in oral history.

IV Features and Orientation of the Major

Features: the major underlines the regional characteristics of northeast China. With regional history as a link, a complete regional history research and teaching system, which concerns local history of northeast China, the history of northeast Asia and the history of international relations, is thus formed and blends the history of China and the history of the world.

Orientations: The major includes two first-level disciplines, namely the history of China and the history of the world. The orientation of the history of China is segmented into ancient Chinese history, specialized history and modern and contemporary Chinese history, etc. The orientation of the history of the world is segmented into ancient world history, medieval world history, modern and contemporary world history and history of international relations, etc.

V Length of Schooling

Generally four years.

VI Degree-granting

Bachelor of History

VII Qualified Standards for Graduation

(1) Having both good thinking quality and physical quality, which conform to standard of moral education and physical education stipulated by school.

(2) Through all teaching plans required in the training program, students should gain accumulated 150 credits, including 132 credits from course-teaching and 18 credits from practical teaching.

(3) Completing extra-curricular training plan to acquire another eight credits.