The College of Humantities was established in May of 2001, consisting of the former College of Humanities, the Department of History,the Department ofArchaeology,and the College of International Communication, the Department of College Chinese Teaching and Research, from other four campuses. It includes four academic disciplines, namely, literature, history, art, and education, which further includes seven first-level disciplines, namely, Chinese Language and Literature, ChineseHistory, World History, Archaeology, Journalism and Communication, Drama and Film, and Education. As a teaching and research unit with the broadest coverage of academic disciplines within Jilin University,the College serves as a base for personnel cultivation and scientific research in history and a key research base for humanities and social sciences under the Ministry of Education and Project 985, and as an innovation base for philosophy and social sciences for Chinese Frontier historical and geographical studies. The College of Journalism and Communication established on March 22nd, 2014, receives support from the College of Humanities.

Our college boasts a strong faculty. The famous literati and linguists YangZhensheng, FengWenbing(pen-nameFeiMing), Zhang Songru (pen-name Gong Mu), WangFuquan, Jiang Shanguo, and the famous historians Lv Zhenyu, YuXingwu, Jin Jingfang, Luo Jizu have all previously taught at our college.

Our college has 258 faculty and staff members, among which 221 are faculty members. There are 76 professors (55 of whom are supervisors for doctoral candidates) and 52 associate professors. Among our faculty members, there are two committee members of the Social Science Committee of the Ministry of Education, two members of the Subject Assessment Group affiliated with the State Council Academic Degree Committee, one young, middle-aged expert nationally acknowledged for outstanding achievements, two "Cheung Kong Scholars Program" special-term professors,one "Cheung Kong Scholars Program" visiting professor, one national outstanding teacher, one leading member of the NationalTenThousand People Plan, three chief experts of the Marxist theoretical research and construction project of the CPC Central Committee and the Ministry of Education, two senior professors of philosophy and social science at JilinUniversity,one Distinguished Visiting Professor who is a Jilin Changbai MountainScholar,nineKuangYamingDistinguished ProfessorAwardrecipients, nine Cross- Century and New Century Talented Individuals of the Ministry of Education reward recipients, and eight membersof the Subject Teaching Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Education. There are 1,612 undergraduates, 1,386 M.A. students,397 Ph.D. students, and 335 long-term foreign students at the College of Humanities.

The College is known for its educational philosophy of encouraging individualized thoughts and protecting open academic debates, demonstrated by its open and free academic atmosphere, characterized by its practicality and rigor as well as its modest, hard-working students. In the past 60 years, teachers have strived each generation to develop a healthy and practical academic tradition.Wepride ourselves on having a large number of alumni who have been working at home and abroad. Some of them have become well-known scholars, literary and media workers, cadres at the minister- level and above, and military generals.