Huaxia Culture Forum

Huaxia Culture Forum(the Forum),initiated by the Institute of Chinese Studies, Jilin University in 2006,is academic collected papers featuring the subject of humanities and social sciences. The Forum has been compiled from Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI) and has been included in bothChineseAcademic Journal Network Publishing Database(CAJD)and CNKI. Until now, it has published 23 volumes. With the aim of carrying forward Chinese traditional culture and bringing prosperity to the development of socialistic humanities, the Forum, with broad prospects and innovative spirits, has covered a large number and wide scope of subjects and areas and collects excellent achievements in scientific research such as literature, linguistics and journalism and communication, etc. It expands and furthers study on Chinese culture and seeks in-depth development of humanities and social sciences through integrated researches. The Forum has been striving to become a platform where its innovative academic achievements can trigger a hundred schools of thought contend.

The Editor-in-Chief of the Forum is Professor Zhang Fugui, Director of the Institute of Chinese Culture, Jilin University andDistinguished Professor of“Chang Jiang Scholars Program”. The Forum consists of eight regular columns, namely “Expert Forum”, which is to publish academic papers complied from disquisitions by leading scholars at home and abroad; “History of Chinese Thought”, which is to publish academic papers on the study of history of Chinese thought and culture; “The Study of Ancient Chinese Literature and Literary Theory”,which is to publish academic papers on classical Chinese literature and ancient literary theory; “The Study of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature”, which is to publish academic papers on Chinese literature and literary criticism in the 20th century; “The Study of Literary Theory and Aesthetics”, which is to publish academic papers on Western literary theory and aesthetics; “The Study of Chinese Language and Characters”, which is to publish academic papers on subjects like ancient Chinese, modern Chinese as well as linguistics; “The Study of Culture Communication”, which is to publish academic papers on journalism and communication; “Foreign Perspective”, which is to publish academic papers related to the study of Chinese culture and literature conducted by foreign scholars.