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1998 BA in Literature at the Department of Chinese Language & Literature, Beijing Normal University
2003 Studies of Ancient Literature under the tutorship of Shen Wenfan at the College of the Humanities, Jilin University
2006 Engaged in the studies of Comparative Literature and the World Literature under the tutorship of Zhang Xikun after gaining a master’s degree.
2009 PhD in Literature
2013 Join the Mobile Station of Literature and Art Research Center of Beijing Normal University under the tutorship of Professor Li Chunqing.
·Hermeneutics of Chinese Classics
·Comparative Literature Theory between China and the West
·Aesthetics of the Zhou Yi (The Book of Changes)
·History of Modern Chinese Language and Literature Education
·History of Modern Chinese Literary Theory
·General Theory of Chinese Studies (Quality Online Courses of Jilin Province)
·Introduction to Classics Original of Western Literary Theory (National Quality Online Courses)
Vice Director of the Association of Literary Theory of Marxism of Jilin University(吉林大学马克思主义文论学会)

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