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2005-2009 BA in Chinese Language & Literature at the College of the Humanities, Changchun University of Science and Technology
2009-2012 MA in International Chinese Language Education at the College of the Humanities, Jilin University
2013- 2017 PhD in Ancient Chinese Literature at the College of the Humanities, Jilin University 2017- 2019 Mobile Post-doctoral Station in Chinese History at the College of the Humanities, Jilin University
2019- Now Lecturer at the College of the Humanities, Jilin University
2020 Associate research fellow at the College of the Humanities, Jilin University
·Poetry in both the Qing Dynasty and Modern & Contemporary Times
·Female Poetry
·Network Poetry
·History of Chinese Literature
·History of Female Ci-poetry

The History of Female Ci-poetry in the Late Qing Dynasty(《晚清民国女性词史稿》). Times Literature and Art Publishing House, 2019.

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2. Sole-author. “The Record of the Ranked Poets (Dian Jiang Lu) among the Female Ci-poet Circle in Recent 100 Years (《近百年女性词坛点将录》)”. Chinese Poetry Studies(《中国诗学》), Vol.24.
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