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1978/9-1982/7 BA at the Department of Chinese Language & Literature, Northeast Normal University; 1982 MA in Modern Chinese at Jilin University under the tutorship of Mr. Jin Bu and Mr. Tang Shushi; 2001/4-2002/3 Cooperative Study on ‘Social Linguistics’ at Kwansei Gakuin University; 2001/9-2005/6 PhD in Philosophy with the major of philosophy of technology (psychology orientation)at Jilin University under the tutorship of Mr. Che Wenbo;
·Linguistic Theory, Pragmatics, Semantics and Applied Linguistics (Linguistic Barriers, Social Linguistics), etc.
·Presiding over projects including The National Social Science Fund of China, The Humanities and Social Sciences Research Programme, National Applied Linguistics Projects (国家语言文字应用项目) and Projects of Linguistic Committee of Jilin Province (吉林省语委),etc.
·Academic papers and published books have been referred widely and have gained several times the Outstanding Achievement in Social Science of Jilin Province
·Provide undergraduates, postgraduates as well as doctoral candidates with courses such as pragmatics, applied linguistics, second language teaching and related field of teachings.
·Have achieved for several times the First-prize of Teaching Achievement Award of Jilin Province.
Member of the China Association of Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons;
Vice-chairman of the Hearing and Speech Committee of the China Association of Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (中国残疾人康复协会听力语言专业委员会) ;
1st and 2nd Standing Editorial Committee Member of Chinese Scientific Journal Of Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation (《中国听力语言康复科学杂志》) ;
Member of the Steering Group of the “11th Five-Year Plan” China Association of Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Technical Experts (“十一五”中国残疾人康复技术专家指导组);
Vice-president of the Linguistic Society of Jilin Province (吉林省语言学会);

An Author of many books, including The Construction of Utterance Meaning (《话语意义的建构》),The Studies of Network Languages (《网络语言研究》), and Social Intercourse Linguistics(《社会交际语言学》), etc.

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