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1996/9-1999/3 MA in History of Chinese Language at the College of the Humanities, Jilin University; 1999/3 Gained a master’s degree and started teaching at Jilin University; 2001/9-2004/6 Doctoral studies in Chinese Etymology at Nanjing University; 2004/6 Gained a doctoral degree 2004/11-2007/6 Studied and worked at the Mobile Post-doctoral Station of Folklore Classics Text Research Centre of Beijing Normal University(北京师范大学民俗典籍文字研究中心)
·History of Chinese Phonology
·History of Chinese Rhyme Books
·History of Chinese Pronunciation
·History of the Dialect Pronunciation of Mandarin Language
Undergraduate courses:
·Ancient Chinese(《古代汉语》)
·Phonology Basics (《音韵学基础》)
·Ancient Books Bibliography(《古籍版本学》)
Courses for postgraduates in Chinese Language & Literature:
·Chinese Phonology ( 《汉语音韵学》)
·Chinese Dialects (《汉语方言学》)
·Courses for doctoral candidates in Chinese Language & Literature:
·History of Medieval Chinese Rhyme Books (《中古韵书史》)
·Monographic Study on Phonology (《音韵学专题》)
‘Kuang Yaming’ Distinguished Professor of Jilin University;
Peer Reviewer (通讯评议专家) of the National Social Science Fund of China;
Peer Reviewer of the Achievement Appraisal (成果鉴定通讯评审专家) of the National Social Science Fund of China;
Peer Reviewer (通讯评议专家) of the Dissertation of the China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center(CDGDC);
Member of the Chinese Linguistics Society;
Executive Member of the Chinese Phonology Research Association (中国音韵学研究会);
Vice-president of the Linguistics Society of Jilin Province (吉林省语言学会);
Research Fellow of the Institute of Chinese Culture at Jilin University (吉林大学文化研究所)

1. Associate Chief-editor. General Theory of the Chinese Phonology (《汉语音韵学通论》). Higher Education Press, 2006.

2. The Studies ofLi Bu Yun Lue with Emendation and Annotation’ ( <增修互注礼部韵略>研究》). Social Sciences Academic Press (China), 2012.

3. On Philology Books in the Song Dynasty: The Origin and the Circulation of the ‘Li Bu Yun Lue’ (《宋代韵书史研究——<礼部韵略>系韵书源流考》). Social Sciences Academic Press (China), 2016.

4. The Collected Documents of Rhyme Books in Dialect Pronunciation of Mandarin Language(《近代汉语官话方言韵书韵图文献集成》). The Commercial Press, 2019.

An author of more than 60 academic papers, in which representative ones are:
1. “ The Influence of Yin Yun Ji Cheng over Yun Lue Hui Tong (《< 音韵集成>对< 韵畧汇通>的影响》)”. Zhangguo Yuwen (《中国语文》), Vol. 3, 2003;
2. “The Initial Consonant System of Beijing Dialect in 17th Century (《十七世纪北京话的声母系统》)”. Research In Ancient Chinese Language (《古汉语研究》), Vol. 3, 2003;
3. “The Role of Li Bu Yun Lue Played in the Research of Song Language (《< 礼部韵略>对宋人语言研究的功用》)”. Jilin University Journal Social Sciences Edition, Vol.4, 2006;
4. “On Li Bu Yun Lue with Emendation and Annotation (《< 增修互注礼部韵略>版本考述》)”. The Documentation(《文献》), Vol.1, 2010;
5. “The Search and Explanation for the Sound Evolution of Four Characters ‘Ying,Yu, Yi and Wei’ in Shandong Dialect after the Ming and Qing Dynasties (《明清以降“影喻疑微”四母在山东方音中的演变轨迹寻绎》)”. Linguistics Researches(《语文研究》), Vol.1, 2018;
6. “ A Study of Zhu Xi’s Self-created Phonetic Notation Shi Ji Zhuan in 20 Volumes (《20卷本< 诗集传>朱熹自创音切考辨》)”. Jilin University Journal Social Sciences Edition, Vol.2, 2018