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2012 Gained a doctoral degree in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics with the research orientation of modern Chinese grammar at Jilin University. 2012-2016 Engaged in the postdoctoral philosophy researches for four years (All academic degrees including a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree in Chinese philology as well as a doctoral degree in linguistics and applied linguistics are acquired at Jilin University)
·Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
·Modern Chinese Grammar
·Modern Chinese (I)
·Modern Chinese (II)
·Chinese Syntactic
·Chinese Ontology
·Research and Chinese Teaching
·Member of the Chinese Linguistics Society
·Reviewer of the Language Teaching and Linguistic Studies


An independent author of many academic papers published in Chinese Teaching In The World, Language Teaching and Linguistic Studies, Chinese Learning (《汉语学习》), Grammar Study and Exploration (《语法研究和探索》), etc. 1.Sole-author. “ Verb Serialization Structure Blending and Incremented Meaning of Verbs (《连动结构紧缩与动词词义增值》)”. Chinese Teaching in the World (CSSCI).
2.First-author. “ On Structure Overlapping (《论叠加结构》)” . Chinese Learning ( 《汉语学习》) (CSSCI);
3.Sole-author. “Why Dose Verb Reduplication in Modern Chinese Decrease Quantity? (《现代汉语动词重叠式何以会表量减》)”. Language Teaching and Linguistic Studies (CSSCI).
4.Sole-author. “The Generation of Sentence Pattern ‘ V Ge(Quantifier) X’: An Explanation of Light Verb ( 《“V个X”结构的生成:轻动词解释》 )”. Language Teaching and Linguistic Studies (CSSCI).
5.Sole-author. “The Alienable Scale of Nominal Possessives Constitute in Chinese (《汉语领属构造的可让渡梯度》)”. Language Teaching and Linguistic Studies (CSSCI).
6.First-author. “The Discrimination of Suffix ‘-Zi’ and ‘-Er’ (《后缀“-子”、“-儿”指小指大辨》)” . Chinese Learning (《汉语学习》) (CSSCI).
7.Sole-author. “The Application of Nominal-Quantifier Compound Words to the Scientific and Technological Style of Writing (《论名量式合成词在科技语体中的应用》)”. Journal of College of Chinese Language and Culture of Jinan University (CSSCI).
8.Sole-author. “ The Powerless Reason When Alternative Principle Applied to the Coexistence of Grammaticalization in both Preposition and Conjunction(《汉语介词、连词语法化中并存原则强劲而择一原则无力的原因》 )”. Grammar Study and Exploration (《语法研究和探索》).