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1992 -1996 BA Chinese Language and Literature, Jilin University
1996 -1998 MA Comparative Literature and World Literature, Jilin University
2003 -2011 PhD Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Jilin University
·Modern and Contemporary Literature of Europe and America
·Oriental Literature
·Feminist Literature and Criticism
·Nordic Literature and Culture
·Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature
·History of European and American Literature
·History of Oriental Literature
·Nordic Literature
·TV & Film Adaptation of the World Classics
·Feminist Literary Criticism

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2. “Criticism and Gender: An Analysis of Criticism on Female Literary Works by Modern Male Writers (《批评与性别——中国现代男作家的女性文学批评分析》)”. Huaxia Wenhua Luntan(《华夏文化论坛》)
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4. “On the Application of Adapted Films of Original Literary Works to the Teaching of Foreign Literature (《论文原著的影像改编在外国文学教学中的应用》)”. Academic Innovation (《学术创新》)
5. “ The Touchstone of Patriarchy: On the Marginal Reading of Female Image in the ‘Water Margin’ (《男权主义的试金石-对< 水浒传>中女性形象的边缘阅读》”. Huaxia Wenhua Luntan(《华夏文化论坛》)
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8. “Women in Combination with Modernity: An Analysis of the Tradition of the Modern and Contemporary British and American Female Experimental Novels (《妇女与现代的组合-现当代英美女性实验小说传统分析》)”. Journal of Harbin University
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