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1990-1994 BA The Department of Chinese Language & Literature, Jilin University
1994-1996 MA The College of the Humanities, Jilin University
1999-2002 PhD School of Literature, Shandong University
·Modern Transformation of Chinese Literature
·Literature and Culture in the May Fourth Movement
·Modern Literature and Culture
Undergraduate courses:
·History of Modern Chinese History
·Monographic Study on Modern Chinese Literature: Female Writers of the May Fourth Movement of 1919
Postgraduate courses:
·Modern Transformation of Chinese Literature
·Literature and Cultural in the May Fourth Movement of 1919
Member of the Modern Chinese Literature Association (中国现代文学研究会)
Executive Member of the Society of Lao She Studies (中国老舍研究会)
Member of the Society of Wen Yiduo Studies (中国闻一多研究会)
Member of the Chinese Writers Association

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