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2000 Undergraduate Studies in Chinese Language & Literature, Jilin University
2004 Postgraduate and doctoral studies in Modern & Contemporary Chinese Literature, Jilin University
2009 Gained PhD degree and Started Teaching
·History of Contemporary Chinese Literature Criticism
·Culture and Literature in the Region of the Northeast China
·History of Modern & Contemporary Chinese Literature
·History of Contemporary Chinese Literature Criticism
·Culture in the Northeast China and Its Literature in 20th Century
·Secretary General of Teaching Committee for Major in Chinese Language and Literature of the Ministry of Education(教育部中国语言文学类教学委员会);
·Member of the Modern Chinese Literature Association(中国现代文学研究会);
·Member of the Research Centre of National Mao Zedong’s Literary Theory(中国毛泽东文艺思想研究会);
·Guest Research Fellow of the National Museum of Modern Chinese Literature;
·Member of the China Writer's Association;

Monograph. The Modernity and Contemporary Condition of Literature ( 《文学的现代与当下》).

Co-author. Naming of Literary History and Reflection in Literary History Viewpoint ( 《文学史的命名与文学史观的反思》).

Co-editor. National Unified Textbook of History of Chinese Literature in 20th Century (《二十世纪中国文学史》)

An author of more than 50 journal papers published in well-known journals such as Modern Chinese Literature Studies, Contemporary Writers Review, The Contention of Literary and Artistic Thought (《文艺争鸣》), Southern Cultural Forum, Contemporary Literary Criticism, Novel Review (《小说评论》), Literature and Art Newspaper (《文艺报》), Magazine Office of Study & Exploration, Social Science Front, Guizhou Social Sciences, Jilin University Journal Social Sciences Edition, Journal of Northeast Normal University, and Journal of Nanjing Normal University, etc.