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Jul 9, 2021    Author

The Institute of Chinese Culture and Duke Program of Research on China have signed a cooperative agreement

On June 17th, the Institute of Chinese Culture and Duke Program of Research on China have established their cooperative relationship and signed the agreement to settle the bilateral will of building a strategic partnership. Professor Liu Kang, director of Duke Program of Research on China, foreign member of Academy of Europe, altogether with director of Institute of Chinese Culture, Senior Professor of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Zhang Fugui, as representatives of both parties, signed the Strategic Partnership agreement. Those who also attended this event include Zhang Conghao, Dean of College of Humanities, associate deans Liu Mingzheng, Li Zijun, Liang Yushui, Liu Yan, Associate deans of College of Journalism and Communication Liu Zhuo, Jiang Ming, as well as associate director of Institute Zhang Siqi. The Signing ceremony was presided by Liang Yushui.

Professor Zhang Fugui warmly greeted Professor Liu Kang for gladly accepting the invitation and paying the visit to Jilin University under the raging epidemic. The formal establishment of a strategic partnership between the Institute of Chinese Culture and Duke Program of Research on China has a great significance. It will greatly promote deeper cultural communication generally and make the world a better place. Within the framework of the agreement, both parties will work on further collaboration, telling stories with Chinese elements to world audiences, and displaying Chinese insights to the international communities.

Professor Liu Kang thanked the kind invitation from College of Humanities and the Institute of Chinese Culture. In his remark, he related about his connections with Jilin University, his beloved former president Mr. Kuang Yaming, and he introduced about the incredible job the PRC has done in overseas Chinese culture promotion and research. Whether seen from the global background or the natural impulsion for an institution of higher education to thrive, Professor Liu Kang said, a partnership between ICC and PRC will just be very promising because it’s wanted by everyone. With the passion, resolution shared by the faculty from both sides, the research on China will surely be boosted. Professor Liu Kang also asserted his expectation for the partnership to be fruitful and it shall serve a very key platform of displaying China’s images in the whole world.

Dean of College of Humanities, professor Zhang Conghao introduced about the college to the guest, and extended the warmest congratulations to the partnership.

Professor Zhang Fugui, on behalf of The Institute of Chinese Culture, appointed Professor Liu Kang as the distinguished research fellow, and the dean, professor Zhang Conghao appointed professor Liu Kang as the distinguished professor of the College of Humanities.

On May the 31st, when President Xi Jinping was presiding at the 30th all-hands study panel of 19th session of Political Bureau, he has emphasized the significance of “telling good stories about China, sending good voices about China”, and “displaying images about China that are real and multi-faceted”. Thus, the signing ceremony of the partnership takes place just about time, and it will effectively promote the researches on China, and will give insights and visions to the building of the philosophy and social sciences discourse and communication system that have Chinese characteristics.