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May 27, 2021    Author

The " E-mployment @ jlu" internship and practice lecture series DAY 2

On May 9, 2021, the fourth session of the " Employment " series of internship practice lectures for the 2021 graduates, hosted by the College of Humanities, was successfully held on the Tencent conference platform. The lecture was given by Zhou Bin, PhD in literature, director of the National Humanities History New Media Center of People's Daily and general manager of the People's Literature and Education Department.

The presentation was titled "New Media Project: From Idea to Project Completion". Mr. Zhou Bin firstly introduced the National Humanities History publication sponsored by People's Daily and showed them different types of media products. Next, the lecturer shared his understanding of new media with the students. The teacher mentioned that "new" is relative to the traditional media and its connotation will change with the traditional media. In the field of new media, operators and practitioners need to fully develop their strengths in order to be competitive.

Afterward, Mr. Zhou shared various new media projects such as "Miracle" produced by the People's Daily National Humanities History. He introduced the production process of media projects in detail, from naming the project, defining the format of the programme and producing the copy. The teacher also introduced the concept of "three knives of creativity" and encouraged the students to think and act boldly. Next, the teacher answered all the questions raised by the students, and the nearly two-hour lecture ended with a lively interaction between the teacher and the students.

The lecture enabled the students to have a more detailed understanding of the production process of new media projects, as well as a better understanding of the journalism and communication industry. This will play an important role in influencing the students' future career choice.