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May 27, 2021    Author

The " E-mployment @ jlu" internship and practice lecture series DAY 1

On April 26, 2021, the first session of the " E-mployment @ jlu " series of internship practice lectures for the 2021 graduates, hosted by the College of Humanities, was successfully held on the Tencent conference platform. Mr. Zhai Wengang, Class of 1996 alumnus of the Department of Journalism and Chairman of Hongwen Media, was invited to be the speaker of this seminar.

With the title of "Behind the Scenes of Film and TV Production", Mr. Zhai Wengang focused on the issue of discourse in the operation of film and TV production, the current situation of the market and the production process of film and TV productions, giving students a clear understanding of the synergistic operating mechanism of various links and positions in film and TV production. During the lecture, Mr. Zhai focused on the current situation of the film and television ecology and combined his own products and production of relevant film and television works to emphasize the central position of high-quality scripts in the creation of film and television works, pointing out that the role of good scripts is far better than capital orientation. At the same time, he expressed his earnest hope for the students attending the lecture to cherish their study time, hone their skills and continuously improve their competitiveness in career. The lecture was successfully concluded with lively interaction between students and teachers.

It is reported that, as one of the key projects of our college to attach importance to internship and promote employment rate, the series of internship and practice lectures of " E-mployment @ jlu " will integrate the resources of mentors and outstanding alumni from nearly 40 internship and practice bases of the college. In turn, it will be transformed into resources for education, which will greatly promote the development of internship practice and employment work of our students.