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Dec 23, 2020    Author

The College of Humanities and Jiangsu Tiger Industrial Internet company built a joint practice base

The signing ceremony of the joint construction practice base between the College of Humanities and Jiangsu Tiger industrial Internet Co., Ltd. was held in Nanjing on 14th November 14. Kang Yonggang, Secretary of the Party committee of the College of Humanities of Jilin University, signed a co construction agreement with Wu Bangjiang, chairman of the board and alumnus of Jilin University. Jiangsu tiger industrial Internet Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. After 10 years of development, it has become a large-scale industrial ecological enterprise focusing on the production, circulation and service of industrial Internet. In 2018, the trading volume exceeded 12 billion yuan, and in 2019, the trading volume of its platforms such as exceeded 26.1 billion yuan. It is the only innovative enterprise in the industrial Internet and the first platform enterprise listed on the new third board in the power and electric industry.

Secretary Kang Yonggang expressed his gratitude for the support given by electric tiger industrial Internet Co., Ltd. Both sides said that the construction of social practice practice base of Jilin university can provide high-quality internship platform and more employment opportunities for undergraduates and postgraduates of Jilin University, and can provide more high-level and high-quality talents for enterprise development. In the future, the two sides will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation for mutual benefit and win-win progress.

Hao Shuyuan, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the College of  Humanities, Tian Peng, assistant dean and director of alumni office, accompanying teachers from the departments of radio, television and history, and some alumni of Nanjing University of Arts attended the signing ceremony.

On the evening of 14th November, the preparatory meeting of Jiangsu Branch of Jilin University Alumni Association School of Arts was held in Nanjing. Kang Yonggang, Secretary of the Party committee of the College of Humanities, Wang Jian, professor of the school of Arts, Nanjing Normal University, and some alumni attended the meeting.

In the context of the national strategy of Yangtze River Delta integration, the establishment of the branch of liberal arts college will be of great significance. Alumni and alumni will have a positive impact on the alumni and promote the construction of the college.