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Dec 23, 2020    Author

The announcement of The 7th Focus campus news photography competition

(reporter Zhao Yating) In order to improve the students' photography level and practical ability, the Journalism Department of The College of  Humanities, the academic work office, the journalism society of Jilin University and Xuesheng newspaper jointly held the 7th Focus campus news photography competition.

The 7th Focus campus news photography competition work exhibition was held online on 28th November. The results of this photography competition were announced and excellent works were displayed in the exhibition. Three first prizes were selected in this photography competition, namely, Zhang Yanzhe's Obstacle Clearance After Snow, Cao Siyu's Tug-of-war, Liu Yuxuan's Struggle. The five second prizes were Ren Yue's Foreign Language Building Surrounded by Trees, Wu Chenfu's Jilin University After Freezing Rain , Zhao Peiyan's Daily Life During the Epidemic Period , Zhao Tianyuan's Ice and Snow Campus and Zeng Qiuyue's The Early Snow of Jilin University.There were also ten third prizes.  Li Yang's Beautiful Autumn, Liu Xiaoxin's Oxygen Music Festival, Ma Yue's Night Tour, Wu Chenfu's Removing Branches After Snow to Ensure Safety, Yu Jilin University’s Autumn Night, Zang Wenqing's Colorful Jilin University, Zhang Xinyue's On the Branches in Spring, Zhao Ziyang's Impression of Early Winter, Zhuang Jiaping's  Clear Lake in Midsummer and Walking on Snow to Leave Traces. There is never a lack of beauty in life. What is lacking is the eyes for finding beauty. These works use the lens to frame the beautiful little by little inside Jilin University and show the beautiful scene by photos to more people.

Mr. Yan Jun was invited to make a comment on the works. He thought that all the works were rich in content and high in level. He said that the students used techniques and camera language to vividly show the colorful campus life. He hoped that the students would carry on the good work and make the works more standardized and more suitable for the theme and create better works.

This campus news photography competition recorded the unique charm of the Jilin University and showed its colorful style and features. It also provided the students with the opportunity to practice photography knowledge and improve their photography level, and gave the audience a beautiful experience. It also made the beautiful scenery, personnel and events of the campus available for more people to discover and appreciate, so that students can love their school more.