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Dec 23, 2020    Author

The College of Humanities successfully held The Eighth Simulated Press Conference

Report from our correspondent (Reporter Zhao Yating) The Eighth Simulated Press Conference was held by the College of Humanities of Jilin University, with the purpose of enhancing the students' specialty literacy and ability, as long as increasing students’ news sensitivity.

The conference was held on 28th November. Affected by the pandemic, The Eighth Simulated Press Conference of the College of Humanities was held online. A total of four teams entered the final through the preliminary competition and the second round — Wang Lu Team and Zhang Xinyi Team in the postgraduate group, Su Zhuying Team and Xing Huawen Team in the undergraduate group. Liu Jian, Tian Mangmang, Yan Jun and Wang Jiayue from the College of Humanities were invited as judges of the final.

The four teams, divided into graduate and undergraduate teams, took turns to imitate the publishing side and the media side for the four events — the case of the farmer woman in Guanxian County in Shandong Province being impostor, the case of a leak of information about 20,000 students of Zhengzhou Sias University, the case of the death of seven people in Shanxi coal mine accident and the case of hundreds of people protect their rights against Eggshell apartment Beijing headquarters. Several problems — unstable network connection, unclear voice transmission and noisy background sound — emerged during online competitions. And yet, the players overcame various difficulties with their good psychological quality and played their best. At the end of the two parts of the competition, the host announced that Wang Lu, a graduate student team, and Su Zhuying Ying team, an undergraduate group, won the prize. These two teams won the prize of the simulation press conference.

Finally, Mr. Liu Jian commented on the performance of the contestants in the competition. He thought that the contestants were fully prepared for the problems, the expression was fluent and had calm performance, but there were still some deficiencies in the personnel setting of social organizations and media organizations.

What's learned from books is superficial after all. It's crucial to have it personally tested somehow. The simulated press conference let the students simulate the publishing party and the media side, so that students can analyze the event, prepare materials, ask questions and answer questions from different angles. I believe that this competition experience is practical, valuable and meaningful for every player.